« Sans être sage compétent », en París son Veinte después de las 22 horas.

Ewe know, we [the staff] have been writing it for a while now on this most inconsequential blog:

The good thing about this blog, is that in France, the frogs don’t listen to National Public Radio.

Mean, while Trump was watching TFI, or BFM, o a lo mejor hasta C-NEWS en su apartamento en la Embajada estadounidense à Champs Élysées , Lorne Michaels, re-evaluated his editorial content for the next Congressional session in the U.S., via a poor broken-hearted son–of–a–Gun.

The overview… }-—-~~~\*> Ladies in Gemeni, your next congressional representative at the Texas 2nd District: Maximinus Thrax .

And like that, The Second Rendition of The Eleventh Hour arrived in Paris.

Earlier in the programming,
a blimp was trying to get
“Sur les jupes” de una agitadora
de nombre MARIANA.

Coming up on Siren Central Station is « The Buck Stops Here » by some frog called Jacques Del Tronco, or something like that.

En fin, allá con Colin [that’s “little tail” en Espagnol] no hubo noticias. so we switch it over to San Lunes.

Hoy no hubo noticias.


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