Thanks for showing up — it’s 5.20 pm in Central Europe Time

Thanks for showing up.

An unsecured 600 kg. Baby was left unsupervised for over an hour next to an agitator, at la Place de La République (75003).

More on this at the top of the hour.

From Paris.
This is Maple Higginmuffin.

Next plane to London …Next plane to Buenos Aires leaving on Rungüay G, Terminal 20.
As fate would have it, Trump’s next world summit is in La Argentina.
Now we [the staff] know that this weekend commemoration was all about The Armistice of 1918, however, at the Rockefeller Center it’s the Annual SUPER MATTRESS SUNDAY Sale, which, as luck would have it, falls on Veterans of foreign wars Day.
Trump, in true nationalist form, snubbed the WWI celebrations and that motherfucker just couldn’t wait to get into his little 600 kg. suitcaise rig and recreate the fleeing of the surviving Nazi’s after they lost the war.
Night Boat to La Plata… All Nationalists Aboard!!!

Now, Imagine a world without Jazz… it would suck.
Anyway, right now Roxanne is humming Stand by Me, à proximité de La Villette (75018).

AnyGüey, after a smoke break (hey, this is France, it’s in the Magna Carta… or something like that) La Comadre Letty nos deleita con « Every breath hit of Helium you take » and like Gordo Sullivan once said: the World Squat will be there.

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