It’s eleven—Oh—three on the a.m. tickers a Odéon 75006

Hey there Chuck Todd, what if…

What if Conrad Brean
in the role of Live–eviL Productions
middle–aged spin doctor,
Bobby deNiro was behind Sarah Huckabee’s memos regarding the Narrative of the South of the border Rush to your precious “Republic”?

Wag the Bull… badBadNotGood Productions. •–_¡_–• It’s High noon in CET.

Don’t miss another calumnious episode of Info Wars–es-es, and of course “Rush” news on the Fox News propaganda machine. Only on AFN TV… that’s A. F. N.  Télévision, your trusted media network in the Central European Command.

In the meantime, hoy NO hubo Jazz From Abroad, we [the staff] repeat… hoy NO hubo Jazz From Abroad, hoy hubo Jazz local. A frog tocó las puertas de Monk:

The Fall is Here. TimeStamp: 20.00 hours en Central Siren Den, eh!

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