It’s Time for a Big Sugar Coated Brass Pill Band

… or something like That at 09 hundred hours in Central EUROPE Times.

Las primeras lecturas de los romanos y otras variopintas selecciones para protestar Quand à Rome. }—~~~\*> Uso justo de todos los parisinos en La Défense, casi esquina con Puteaux, y en Diagonal con el Axe Historique.

Coming up at the  10.20  15.00 pm
Smoke break:
It’s Atoms 4 Peace
Atoms For Peace
All Day and All of the Night.

Versailles meets Mar–o–lago. Anygüey, Sarah, Do you know the way to San José… Dee’WARwick knows, all the Stars are pumping GAS, or something like that.

Over on the BBC…
Just wait for it.
In the meantime, Siren Central just relayed
They Hate Everything About Trump,
in the voice of Ugly Kid Joe,
—of Course!!!
Ouh La La — LA LA, LA LAH!!!

It’s a Special Milesone Week–End Edition
and The Word of The Day is

Scrabble’s is turning 70 and to celebrate, The Company is marketing a Special “morning after” Election Day game board. Political comentator and former Ted Cruz collaborator, Rick Tyler will sacrifice the ©️hampagne™️ bottle on one of the many paper bows anchored at the Big Red’s Shoes Marina on the Left Bank, casi esquina con L’Orsey. Tyler recently coined one of the runners up for The Word of the Year.

It was a Thursday morning in Eastern Standard Time, en París las manezotas del reloj en San Eustacio rayaban en las 14 horas.
At Studio 3A inside Rockefeller Center, Rick Tyler was about to drop a loaded image of what the midterm results of 2018 represent to the historicity that will follow the Trump Administration long after That fucking family has paid their debt to society…
GOOD THING THAT in La Florida, after the Trump’s serve their individual jail terms, they wont be barred from the voting booths in like, 2060… provided Donald Sr. doesn’t morph into a Super-Villain and proceeds to rule for life.
But don’t worry, if that nightmare becomes a reality, the world is toast by the late 2020’s regardless of any güey. So on second thought, hold that bottle of Champage, don’t give it to Rick, and do not break it just yet, we [the staff] are going to need to run a bladder–temperature test, or check for the cuvée… or something like that.

We [the staff] will Catch ewe all at the bottom of the Jazz hour, in the mean time, while Trump is visiting Paris, don’t forget that ScienceLivesInMe and that, “… in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table”.

TimeStamp: 18h50 in Central Siren Time

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