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Idiocracy… a peoples history. Documentary Series… a WAT SE FUK Production.

Oh, boy.

Note to Police And Sheriff departments in Chuck Berry’s “Promise Land” in the voice of Officer “hoppy” Hopkins: keep your Squelch–On, commentary from for El Lay follows after the 14 hundred hours “re-Hash” block.

TimeStamp: 13.45 in Central NATO Time
en-route to Veteran’s Day à
The 11th hour, of The 11th day of The 11th month.

With All Due Respect… and with no pun intended, the following is Borderline auto-censorship. Borderline auto–censorship is a variety segment on the morning shows where political pundits and, an array of former Political Campaign Strategists draft the next whacky Zingers for the Presidents’ in office. On this edition, A former Ted Cruz consigliere drafts the Trumpism morning after midterm moniker.

The morning after midterm moniker, with special guest: Rick Tyler, political wordsmith… Enter the Schlonging, en Espagnol de Segovia, eso se traduce como “Una Verguiza” en las intermedias (FOX News/Limbaugh–InfoWars).

TimeStamp: 14.20 in Central NATO Time.

… for your consideration, this is a Business Development 2019 Publivoires Draft.

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La ropa sucia se lava con Jabón R O M A.

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