TimeStamp: Let’s Get It On; Oye Black Magic Jaina Cómo Va… it’s Your Thing

18.40 in CET
Coming Attractions: Jazz from Abroad

Note to editors:
The following announcement must be read in a Hollywood Blockbuster Voice…
Not with a New York Minute delivery.

…From the movie studio that brought you The War of The Worlds, and the winner of the 2015 “Parallel Universe” award: The Man in High Castle, comes an off–shoot series set in France about a fictional time when the common carp with a fancy Asian name (nishikigoi) and las palomas parisinas had a love affair. }—-—~~~\\*>  Poster design is courtesy of Paris–Tokio Poster Contest… The Street is My Gallery. “EXPOSED WINNERS” follow.


… it was expected, following the defeat of the Occidental forces during the Second Great War of the 2nd Earth millenium after The Super Star “JC” was born, it was more than expected that General Togo would secure Paris for The Empire of The Rising Sun.


AD•vert•TENCÍA… Deadline WASHINGTON, Global Edition. The “canary” in the Coral Reefs is dead. The canary in the oceans, —y también Los 7 Mares— se nos sofocó de tanto Calentamiento, globalmente hablando. Will Brazil, listen to reason, or follow in the steps of Vladimir Putin’s, little bitch?… for The RECORD: DONALD JOHN trump is Russia’s little bitch.

La École Professionnelle Supérieur d’Arts Graphiques (EPSAA), in collaboration with The University of Tokio; and the monnaie of the Tokio Metropolitan Government and, of course—the know–how of la Mairie de Paris.


Paloma y Koi…

The greater 75000 Zip–Code and the Shinyuku Metro Station in The « original » House of The Rising Sun: Tokio.

Pilot Episode:

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