09 hundred hours in Central Europe Time

Common Dreams
The Enola Trump

With all due respect:
no pun intended.

Coming up:
Nina Simone starts us up
Go To Hell.

But first, oh Mercy, mercy me
it’s 11 o’Clock
it’s time for our segment
How to make an aeroplano.

All Saints $19.95.
Like a little boy president Trump had a picture of his hero, Andrew Jackson, in his room, and like his hero, “Old Hick…ory”, Donald John Trump thought that it would be good P.R. if he hired Honduran detainees as entertainment for his racists rallies. Having misread The Soul of America* he called these detainees “his orphans”. True to form, that Son of a Bitch never remunerated those minors, but he did write their labor off as tax credits under the newly executive clauses that he called, “benevolent hiring”.
}-—-~~~\*> Asterisk: The Soul of America, by Jon Meacham Chapter One [The Confidence of the Whole People], pg. 29.

TimeStamp: 20 para las dos, everywhere around The Planet (Solo para adultos).

Step 7.

Now that you have your paper plane all creased and ready for take off, take a moment to appreciate it. Por ejemplo, Jimmy from the great State of Iowa sent us the underbelly of his paper airplane, it seems that Jimmy was recently at Disneyland, Paris… or some joint like that.

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