Intermedio… coming attractions

TimeStamp: Oh—Three–hundred hours

In the Mean time:
The Peoples Choice Awards are almost upon us, and the base couldn’t be more exhited for the release of Riefenstahl Productions latest saga, SPECTACLES, starring Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen.

… SPECTACLES, now airing on Nationalist Public Radio.

Following the premiere at The White House, President Trump gave Spectacles a full–torso wrap and a horses ass.

At a special event held at The Oval Office immediately following the Premiere of Spectacles,  Trumpen Donuts were thrown towards the brass like paper towel–shaped basketballs, mr. Trump invited top law enforcement officials (there) to stop being independent agencies from decision makers, (like him, and only him) and instead asked for their absolute loyalty to the Executive Branch, their first–born, and of course, their souls.

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