It’s the 16.20 Liberty break…

I love you, Columbia… even if Ewe give US “el bajón”

… TimeStamp: 19:20 in Central Jazz Time. Tema: La Cucaracha con acento en francés }–—-~~~\*> This is a frame in progress. Ellis Island “crisis line” one–on–one Hotline; Season 45, Episode 5, 645. French symbol is courtesy of Sarah Silverman and Gary Sanchez (sin acento).


Still to come, By Myself with The Peacocks.
Starring: Willie Gueist.
Synopsis: Willie Guiest and an MSNBC panel hold a special edition of Meet The Ozarks. Live from Aventura, Florida… where else, eh!?

TimeStamp: Stick It To Da Man!!!
With a Helga Selzer in Baltimore.
Music score by Randy Newman in the Key of Swamp Blues.

En recuerdo del 2 de octubre, que, “No Se Olvida”, C-SPAN 3 brings you: EL GRITO… Méjico 68, starring a Young Bobby Deniro…. Synopsis: Robert Deniro gets in trouble with Da’Man for his activisim and for “poisoning” the minds of Mexican students in 1968.

∈ ≈ ∋


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