Spectacles, Article II of VII on The Soul of America and Chinese Man

TimeStamp: 1/4 to midnite in CET
we [the staff] will pick up Hardball
after The Beat…

Spectacles… let’s play hardall:
« Today, we’re gonna speak on the subject of liars…
The main that they have all in common is fear
Just think about it
… o como dice Aristoteles ( once again!!!, on pg. 16 of The Soul of America):
            The coward, then, is a dispairing sort of person: FOR HE FEARS EVERYTHING.

Right now, Meet The Press:
on today’s episode
The Purple Pundit gets all giddy
for VH’s Les Miserables…
or something like that.

Blast from the past

Can Ewe Hear Me Know
The quote above is taken from the Sunrise period of Cellular phone plan commercials, which aired in gringo-land a long–long–long——Long time ago, how long ago? Ewe might ask, let’s just say that the floppy disc was still a viable memory device.

Alexander Hamilton of NY wanted a President for life [—for LIFE!!!] others, wanted the Legislative branch to choose one for them [like Floridians choose for US now]… heck, even after the Articles were compleated, the dang–on Presidency remained a mystery; ambiguous… according to Meacham, [chap. ONE, p. 25/26] the creation of the office was an ACTof FAITH in the future and an EDUMACATED WAGER on Human Character.

… and then the Spectacle of Donaldo Trump happened, and if The New York Times is to be believed, —in the Drafting of The Soul of America— Donaldo Trump told his top aides, —WHO WE NOW KNOW, discovered FIRST HAND that he (little donald) was and remains a perfect fucking Moron— “to think of each presidential day as an episode” —an EPISODE!!!— in a television show in which he becomes a Raging Jacksonian asshole president were he always vanquishes his opponents.

Tell me Something i don’t know.
Humor me, please.


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