iL Est Cinq Heures on the p.m. in Siren Central Time

Hey, Lemon Jelly…
iL Est Cinq Heures and just about 12 hours ago
the Central Europe Time zone woke up
to yet ANOTHER motherfucking DAY with no NEWS.

Jon Batiste’s “Kenner Boogie”.
It’s 18 hundred hours in Central Europe Time
in About 9 hours in EST you can catch this cat on the Stephen Colbert platform.

Nothing to see here, and besides, it’s the Market FRAME,
well… it’s a bit fuzzy.
Does the World blame the Airstrike on a vegetable market in Yemen
to the Saudi-led coalition that flew the mission;
or, Willie Geist,
Does the World put the blame on THE ENABLER
who sell the Boom–Toys of Death ®
to a Murderous Regime.

In Washington it’s ONE o’Clock in EST
À Paris, it’s time to listen to
Jazz from Abroad.

To conmemorate The Republican Party NEW stance on nationalism, The White House was draped in full Nazi Regalia.

And now:
Always look on the bright side of Life.

In Paris, « The Local » AFP reports that the “mentally disabled win right to vote and freely marry in France”… careful now, West Virginia and the rest of the 49 U.S. states have been letting the extreme right vote and now we’ve got Donaldo Trump in Power. Donald Trump, by the way is literally “The Führer” of mentally challenged neo–nazi’s.

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