Mika, you speak French, correct?

Qui changera le cours de l’Histoire?

“Ewe talkin’ 2 me?” }-–— \*> Visions of the Presidency, the Ideas of progress and prosperity, and « We, The Sheeple », pg. 20 and 21.

Cousin Joe, we now know that you like Tequila™️ and Tacos™️ so…
¿Quién te cantará?

Anygüey, Willie Geist: Hoy no hubo noticias.

Frequency hop
Comedy Central
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Welcome to another edition of
Thing’s Rachel Maddow Says
with your host, Jon Meacham.

In todays episode:
… if the pipe bombs that you went ahead and sent to the Donald Trump’s Reality Show political opposites* got snatched by first screeners, then, turned over to first responders, and then made their way to an A.T.F. “Anarchist Cookbook” review facility…

Ewe Might be a Soon–To–Be royally fucked RED Neck!… or not. Maybe Donaldo Trump will pardon your deranged ass.

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