Coming up on the programming: It’s An Alternate Reality Show

It’s An Alternate Reality Show, Starring Kasie DC.
On today’s episode, Donald J. Trumps re-invents “El Atole con El Dedo”
[laughter track for Stupid Americans goes here]…

Top of the first, the visiting Crown Prince of the House of Saud strikes out… uso justo de todos los juegos: PLAYBALL!!! Faltan 10 para la hora de Su Majestad “El Jazz” y nuestro Rey de Los Deportes: The Circus… gooooooooo Dodgers.

TimeStamp: 20 para las 4 de la tarde 19h50 Central NATO Time; en “Uchronie”.

¡BALDES D’Agua mi Negro!
Chucho Valdés is on deck at Siren Den.

Dear, fip… Castellano, no es Espagnol.

TimeStamp: Pastilla de Menta à 19h20

… but seriously, rumor has it, that Vladimir Putin promised Donald Trump a Parisian get away. People are saying that the handler is treating his American Bitch to a military review parade to conmemorate the end of the first “Big War”. Yup, people are talking and most people around The Globe agree that Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s little bitch.

… In 2112, “The Company” works for Russia.

23h30 CET
The first pitch in the 2018 Major League Baseball Championship* Settled in F•O•U•L Territory.
The Los Angeles Dodgers crossed a “Picket Line” in Bean Town, at The Boston Hotel. C’mon, “El Lay”, find suitable “fair wage” accomodations. Don’t jinx the Series before you guys even step onto the diamond.

An Historic Series*, “The October Classic” will no longer be called the World Series.

Sources from BeanTown:

Issy, el Verde en este universo Alternativo, es tóxico. ISSY, en este universo, todo, absolutamente todo está patas p’arriba.

Anygüey in París is “After Midnite” and a Full Moon is up next… TimeStamp: Let’s Play Hardball, it’s oh—One hundred hours in Central NATO Time—Game One.

Oh, what a heck.

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