Oh, hey Hallie Jackson. Watch out for that car.

Cars and Trends

Oh_hey Hallie Jackson… watch out for that automaton shape-shifting behind you, and please, Hallie Jackson, “Don’t Bogart that joint.”

Washington, D.C. __ Ford is getting ready to roll out autonomous vehicles at the nation’s capital and The Company could not have chosen a better season to test the new rides out, yup, Octubre tenía que ser, because Congress is not in SESSION. Right now the streets around The Hill are a little less saturated while the representatives are in legislative hibernation.

TimeStamp: Quince para las Trece de la tarde.

Coming up:
¿Qué le dijo el cócono al guajolote?

Erdogan: KHASHOGGI, “Slain in vicious and violent MURDER.”

!Aguas!!! hay viene un Turkey.
Eye think his “name” is Ted…
or something like that.
Rumor has it, and people are saying
that his daddy killed Camelot.

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