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Previously on The Beat: The Method on The F Train.

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Caíte pa’tras Saturday presents.
In asociation con Los Amigos de Fox.
And with the blessing of:
Cry me a River marihuana Holdings, L.L.C.

… and of course, TeleVisa Deportes


The Method, man.

This message is brought to Ewe’all by the motherfucking letter M. The letter “M”, just another number 3 working the front–leaning rest position (doing push–ups, in CivilianSpeak.) }-—-~~~\*> On this fall–back edition of Code Switch, FORMER Speaker of the House, John Boehner meets Former President of Mejico, Vicente Fox Quezada; Cousin Joe host a very special Town Hall meeting at The Ozarks called: Know The Worth of Your Blunt… Hypocrisy in the form of Hilarity, ensues, and it’s fucking nauseating…. for a sneak peek visit National Public Radio and put a quarter in the bucket for: What John Boehner’s Pivot On Cannabis Tells Us About The Legal Weed Boom.

TimeStamp: 11h30 16:20 in Central motherfucking Europe Tokes.

Congratulations to the French Delegation, Paris just broke a new world record, and no amount of Crazy motherfucking glue is going to piece back this bitch together: 13 october, 2018, the hottest ever october in Parisian history… or something like that, which brings us back to the “people positioning themeselves for profit from the nominally legal weed boom”.

But first,
The News from the BBC:

“Fracking to start in Lancashire as legal challenge fails”… 2011 earthquakes linked to the fossil fuel extracting “cuadrillas”, or teams, had no effect on a Supperstoner judge, or something like that.

Grafiti Vulgar — TimeNow, 23 hundred hours in Central Siren Den… Issy, la comadre “Letty” just closed shop, but seriously, Vicente, you will be 88 years-old when the Arctic becomes the Tropics… Sarah wishes to know if you and los “yunkes” know something that “la prole” don’t.

In Mexico, former president, Vicente Fox, said he was “delighted” with Judge Supperstone’s ruling.

re digresión.

… now then, to get back to The Method, man, —and Code Switch it over to Gene Dembey’s stance on National Public Radio about the kind of assholes “positioning themselves” to make a killing “from the legal weed boom”, please be adviced (High Times Magazine) that the Right-wing populist that you welcomed to your board  was also responsible for unleashing on the Mexican civilian population, the elements that act the story of the real NARCOS on NETFLIX®️… with artistic license and special effects, of course.

Sources close to Fox, were heard whispering at exclusive restaurants were “El Presidente”, —Martha Shagún— and her husband Vicente Fox, usually  wine–and–dine.

“Pero como no va a estar deleitado ese pinche viejo lesbiano con el fallo de Supperstone allá en Lancashire”, se escuchó decir entre uno de sus ex funcionarios mientras Fox levantaba el puño derecho en señal de un precedente muy importante para su variopinto portafolio de intereses personales.

“When Fox was in office as the Governor of the State of Guanajuato, [the most conservative on the Mexican map] he never worried about «  peoples’ own free decisions », said a bus-boy at the event who read the National Public Radio report by Vanessa Romo, regarding Fox’s addition to the “High Times Magazine” board.

Missing from that report was information regardig the passing of the “peace pipe” tradition when two or more parties enter an agreement or alliance. Did fuckin’ Vicente inhale? Or did he play the consevative “All–Business”, —man.


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