¡Aguas!!! On the Paris Climate Accord Clock it’s 7 a.m.

… and tomorrow it’s October the 15th of 2018.

CONAGUA mexicana… context from the State of Sonora en tiempos de el PAN, follows.


In Mejico:
tommorow is a great day for Vicente Fox.
It’s good to be “El Presidente Amigo”,
but it is better—much better to be
el amigo de el presidente.

Bill Maher, “amigo” de Vicente Fox.
Take Coke, please… they have Cubic Tons of it, and as one of the largest PRIVATE or TRADED companies to overexploit fresh water reservoirs in Latin America, The Coca Cola Company®️ is ready to go the distance and, “Machete their way through “red” tape,”
have their Cake,
—and eat it too.

Yes, Bill Maher, we [the staff] agree with your staff writers, the next time that you criticize  the 24–Hr Hurricane Survival Reality T.V. News Cycle, please do your craft a favor and do a motherfucking follow–up on the human factors that have summoned the last ten Hurricanes.

Yes, Billy Boy, the next time that you, —motherfucker— get to interview former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, please ask that Son–of–Bitch to MERRILY MAKE SENSE OF his Fuckin’ FRACKING sponsorship, and if time permits on Overtime, ask that fucker why during his time in office (much like the ex Speaker of The House, John “teary eye” Boehner) he opposed anything having to do with the weed men, and all of a sudden he’s the darling of Cannabis deregulation everywhere.

Mr. Schmidty:
— We are talking about the most famous lie of an era… “I Didn’t Have Sex With That Woman“.
Beeeeeeeshhhhhh! I would say “Weapons of Mass Destruction” is up there too, no offense.

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