¡Aguas!!! En París son las 7 con Veinte de la magnana

ISSY, lo bueno de Francia, es de que fip no lleva “eñes”.

Coming up at 9h03 in Central Siren Time,
it’s time for misheard lyrics.

Perdidos en la translation.

It’s a “Lovely Day”,
take “the” F–Train and go…
F-fhhh—F-ffuuuhhh—fff-UNK yourself.

Next stop:
Mr. Peacock Center at Rockefeller Plaza…
or some rock like that.

Happiness is like a big–ball with masks… and always remember, Corazón —de Melun— la hache es muda y la eñe no existe at the Siren Den.

In New York it’s actually 4:20 on the a.m. dial, and the Big Kat is ready to kick it with The Morning Ozarks.


Ladies in Gemeni:
My Niggas in Paris,
Picasso (Ye)
Donald Duck

Future leaders… “My Niggas in Paris”. }—~~~\*>  Hallelujah.

Right now… it’s Autumn in New York.
TimeStamp: 19h49 in CET

Later on the show:
The Big Cheese has the night off,
but all’s good on the MTP Daily block.

Kasie Hunt is at the helm (pullin’ quadruple duty) and she tells us all about the “Great American (processed) Cheese crisis.

It appears that those fucking millennials are opting for the “fancy” cheese and Nachos are going stale under the heat-lamps at entertainment venues everywhere… oh, the humanity. What’s next, red Solo®️ cups give way to wine glasses.

… WHAaaaaaaaat!!!

Right now, however…
it’s time for a time–delayed screen grab with the Big Kat, she’s got the scoop on a special cheese enchilada; Special Agent, Richard Angle joins in on the conversation via  Apple Watch®️ technology.

Later on Channel 3
It’s time for silly cheese jokes
with Kay–Cee and Melver
Method Man guest stars.

Say there, Melver, what’s the cheesiest of all the martial arts on the block?
Not a clue, K.C.
T’ai Cheese Ch’üan, Melver, T’ai Cheese ch’üan, get it?

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