We now return to “Desayunando con Los Beatles” y recortando a Díaz Odaz

In Reel Time “Octubre tenía que ser

What a day to stall the court… an even steven batch of Supreme Court Justices is what a totalitarian sitting PUTUS… sitting POTUS  would like to stack the bench for the next two years, dice Cousin Joe.

The good thing about This blog, is that France has no National Public Radio:

(Soundbite of vintage broadcast)

President GUSTAVO DIAZ ORDAZ (Mexico): Señores miembros del Senado

Mr. AGUAYO: In the ’60s, we were still a country where the government controlled everything. Presidents were the equivalent of monarchs. I mean, it was forbidden to demonstrate in the center of Mexico City, in the heartland of the country. You could not go and express [you] dissent.

Meanwhile, at Abbey Road Studios, the Indian Express expense account was about to unleash “Revolution” and “Hey Jude” in the summer of ‘68. The month of August would have Gustavo Díaz Ordaz completely paranoid; and that fucker, that fucker hadn’t even been introduced to Sabbath, yet… La Revolución de Emiliano Zapata era suficiente para quitarle el sueño tanto a ese señor como a su PUTO SECRETARIO DE GOBERNACIÓN.

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