October 1st, 2018 —The round-up: 13,000


Season Premiere. Oktoberfest à la Trump style… sponsored by Florida’s orange groves, The 18-Hole.

We [the U.S. of A] never thought we’d make it this far. Congratulations, Cousin Joe—The Republicans did it! Ewe all did it!!! Even if folksy folks like “Mr. Schmitty” or the Purple Pundit reject the big Elephant in the room, ewe all own this new nazi-like benchmark.

… and yes, Generalissima Elise Jordan, this intermission also falls on Paul’s court.

The Rage in the Book.

Coming Up: The Post–Season… only on the Kasie-Dc dial.

But first, news of the world,
because this fucking blue marble that we all squat on
is bigger than a Walmart parking lot, or Donald J. Trump’s stupid America (sin acento, of course).

Oh, the humanity… TimeStamp: 10 to 6 on the Central European p.m. dial.

Jazz Central follows… have Ewe seen the little piggies? Class War follows.

Collective Barganing… always in style—no white gloves needed.

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