Mean while… in British Summer Time, Pyongyang waves at STUPID AMERICANS

Dear, USA Today cutline writer… this is what a snapshot of a person waving his hand looks like, please be advised that all the fucking fingers are visible from a palm (of the hand) perspective.

The Wave. Please be advised that this is not, we [the staff] repeat that this is not a snapshot of a ‘Thumbs up’, nor the hand gesture of a ‘One–finger salute’, and dear USA Today cutline writer, this image does not show a dictator waving a ‘Peace sign’… coming up, Cousin Joe will show Ewe’all what a ‘One–finger salute’ looks like, and still to come, Lieutenant Kasey Hunt will be narrating the 16 hundred hours fútbol match—yeah, buddy!!! Ewe’r God–damned right that Lt. Hunt is a Trooper… she’s the Red Trooper, a Socialist at Heart, and she Knows IT, Cousin Joe.

When we return, Cousin Joe will metaphorically show you, dear, USA Today cutline writer, what a One–finger salute looks like, ok?

Spectacles. Rue de Seine, 75006.

TimeStamp: Tiny Dancer in Central Siren Time à Montreal… or some Canadian Jazz festival like that.

The Sidewinder ‘One–finger Salute’…

TimeStamp: One hour for game time… and the Sirens have already chosen their pick… it has a lot of percussion in it’s rhythm… Goooooo, Chucky!

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