Mean while in Singapore… wait! What! Sir, who Da’Fuck are Ewe? And what did Ewe do with El WaPo at PBS?

pTimeStamp: Barry White in Central Siren Time.

Dear Prudence…  in Paris it’s pouring, but We [the staff] OWE the Company Store… so Sports follows, eh! TîmeDelayedStamp is 19h:30 and the first big thing is the 300,000 Euros for each player in the Tri (el Tri de Dider DesChamps—no el Tri de Romero DesChamps) if they TAKE the World Cup from PUTIN’S little hands… Go Cocks!!!

Nope, Cousin Joe, no we don’t choose the playlist, that source either arrives via « La Comadre Lety » o de un tal « de La Fuente » deep inside the cove at the Sirens Den, however, one thing we [the staff] have control over is the Wide Wide World of Sports, with Ewer Host:

The following must be read in a Kasie Hunt voice.

Kasie Hunt:

—Brian Williams is on special assignment, after his ride on the bustle rack of SFC “oddball” main battle tank to fight off the gremlins of the perimeter offense he had to go on a regime of opiods from all of the shock waves taken from all of the rounds fired.

… somehow he ended up in a Normandy cow field (must have been harvesting some shrooms) and he sent us this report about a Petrol giant dealing in Palm Oil… or something like that!

… The Pretenders in spinning form follow… in the Mean time —Total— continues to show what servants of Mustachio Bolton in the Trump cabinet they are, eh.

The following must be read in a Brian Williams voice…

— Brian is under heavy hallucinogens and he’s Under Some Kind of Siren Skirts… or something like that, all we [at staff] are just waiting to see how this report is going to turn out… LA JUGADA ESTA APRETADA y pues, haber que PUTIN … perdón, HABER QUE PUTOS PASA!

Mientras eso pasa, en este puto viaje observamos a unos Black Crows devorando a una paloma, ¿que chingaaadouus significa eso? ¿Sepa la madre? pero estuvo interesante porque fue a un costado de los pies del caballo de Louie disfrazado de Alexander The Great, eh!


The following must be reead in a Kasie Hunt voice:

Kasie Hunt:

O.K. Brian… awesome insight —don’t PULL THE TRIGGER— but Sports follows: Viva La Mano Negra de Armando… MARADONA!!! Eh!

…the follownig must be read i a KcDc voice:

Tres Cosas… Joe. Right now the first is that we [the staff] switch to another post… and the good thing about it is that EWE wont read it

TimeStamp: Hugo Mendes & Emile Omar.

güebLink de Chris y sus Magpies follows, eh! porque la Cumbia y La Samba fusion and African spice follows Hasta Las Seis de La Mañana… World Cup follows, y’All.

World wide Sports!

Gracias a Las Antillas también— Aleluya

Brian Williams cuts into the transmission…

—Brian Williams:

Well take that 9Volt out of my ass because if EWE ain’t seen rain in Paris then Ewe ain’t seen what impressionism is all about. Aleluya for neon lights on a wet ground.


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