Hey, John Oliver: the fuck’n word of the day is Sennight, as in: Sorry—Govnor—We’re Closed for today’s sennight* recap

The good thing about this most inconsequential blog is, that John Oliver’s combat helicopter-pilot wife… or something like that, doesn’t read it… if she did, Hellfire would surely rain down on our parade.

Out of Synch—Reason N° 451.

noun [sen-AHyt…]

  1. Archaic. It literally means Seven Days or, in today’s currency, a mother fucking week.

In the soft words of Natasha Bertrand, staff writer at The Atlantic:

… to which a recently promoted, General Chris “colt” Matthews in the role of Caroll O’Connor responded:

Chris Matthews:

— Speak up, Corporal Bertrand! The country needs to hear a little passion out of those vocal chords of yours!

TimeStamp: Quince para Las Tres en CET.


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