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The following is “with all due respect” a paid avertissement* from the HoBO Central, in Reel Time.

Oh, the humanity… This is an INTERMISSION before the show!!! }-—-~~~\*> Coming up after the break, it’s How to make a paper boat, with your host Theodore Roosevelt.

… and of course, John Heileman, with respect to Halperin, ewe know that your Mark was just following protocol.

The Fall is Near… if you want.
In about 24 hours in all of the Continental and Territorial Time Zones of the U.S., the Make American a Nightmare Again Experiment, can begin to come to an end.

Coming up on the programming: how to make an Armada with paper boats.

TimeStamp: 11.30 in Central NATO Time.

Hey, John Oliver: the fuck’n word of the day is Sennight, as in: Sorry—Govnor—We’re Closed for today’s sennight* recap

The good thing about this most inconsequential blog is, that John Oliver’s combat helicopter-pilot wife… or something like that, doesn’t read it… if she did, Hellfire would surely rain down on our parade.

Out of Synch—Reason N° 451.

noun [sen-AHyt…]

  1. Archaic. It literally means Seven Days or, in today’s currency, a mother fucking week.

In the soft words of Natasha Bertrand, staff writer at The Atlantic:

… to which a recently promoted, General Chris “colt” Matthews in the role of Caroll O’Connor responded:

Chris Matthews:

— Speak up, Corporal Bertrand! The country needs to hear a little passion out of those vocal chords of yours!

TimeStamp: Quince para Las Tres en CET.