20 20 — Minute of Silence

… after a minute of Silence, Hardball follows.

TimeStamp: 21h00 CET… minute of silence starts right now.

Dear, Joy Reid, you are all right — and Jim Carrey is a helluva an I.C.E. iced baby artist… B.T.W…

I.C.E. storm troopers representation by Jim Carey. •–_¡_–• SS/Gestapo like tactics courtesy of Herr Hitler… courtesy of Herr Trump and Frau Nielsen from the Newspeak division of “Health and HUMAN Services… HEIL TRUMP!!! •-_¡_–• TimeStamp NOW is 2300 hrs. in Central Europe Time.

we [the staff] wonder what one of those pretty pink-babies trademarked butt-cheeks with the Trump grandson stamp of approval would be fetching in the “child trafficking” market right now, considering that Health and Human Services TSARina, Kristen Nielsen, has been ‘over stocking’ the racket that caters to human traffikers with the kidnapped children of ASYLUM SEEKERS in the home of the great—and the land of the free…

[Joy’s tweet follows]

… it’s just a thought Ivanka, it’s just a musing Don Jr., it’s just a vision for Ewe’r sister’s tone-deaf approach to a mommie and baby stock photo when YOUR Dad’s goons are committing crimes against humanity in so many different ways.

Joy and Happy send a message to Chinese Trademark mom and her fascist dad.


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