VE–Day — Le Soul de Papy Jazz

Good morning, today is

TUESDAY, May 8th 1945 and in Central Europe Time, it’s 10 hundred hours, Right Now.

Today, the Nazi regime lost [Papy’s] War… sixteen years later, however, during a Tuesday night Television broadcast, the 34th President of the United States of America would send a chilling warning to the “greatest generation” regarding an ELITE GROUP OF Chicken Hawks, which “Ike” identified as the INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX. }-—-~~~\*> …all dates are courtesy of Time and Date punto com, eh!

El martes…

ni te cases—ni te Embarques.

Sadly, Madison Avenue would convince those subliminally tasked with replenishing America’s classrooms with the most wasted generation, —the baby boomers— that science, of all thingswas developing a better tomato… of course, Van Hagar said it best: Right Now, your government is doing things that Ewe think ONLY OTHER GOVERNMENTS (banana republic’s) DO, eh.

Bottom of the third… Draft Dodgers 6 — California Angles 1… Meachum is at the plate, he’s ready to swing with runners in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, The Korean Peninsula, The Mexican Border, PERSIA, Turkey, and of course, Jerusalem. … yheeez whiz, Bill, i wonder what the farewell address of this PUTUS PORTRAIT… of this POTUS, not putus portrait is going to look like, perhaps a bit like the porrtrait of Dorian Gray—but in REVERSE, because i will bet Donnie Deutsch’s soul that Donald is going to make his ugly-ass face look like a Military Dandy inside of the golden frame.

TimeStamp: Quince para las Once… CET

The formula: Addictive TV… It’s Pure Genius! It’s better than a Circus. Think about it, Cousin Joe, “Ewe’s a lawyer”, right? It’ll be like the jewish production of Hitler on Ice… eventually we’ll bring in Giuliani to mimic the loud-mouth part of Mussolini. Call Mel Brooks, we [the staff] think that we got all the billing elements of Reality Show… over Broadway.

TimeStamp: Bei Mir Bist du Schon in the voice of Nina Hagen at Siren Central, at Rockefeller Center it’s the 08 hundred hours re-hash 1/2 hour with guess who?

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