Dear, Col. Matthews — Let’s play Hardball… with an axe handle for a bat

For the Record, []

… it was an Eminence Front,  just a put on, both of them were in on it…. Michelle Wolf put it best on April the 28th, it’s a case where #metoo worked. Hey, Mark, what a difference a day makes, eh!

Colonel Matthews, en Tijuana sigue siendo el día del niño, and we [the staff] now know why, Mika, never deliver on that BRIDGE that she promised to complete back in November of 2016Princess was too busy, “smoking in the boys room.

The White House Lies

Anygüey, Col, Matthews, the good thing about this most inconsecuential blog is that You, Andrea Mitchel, and Alan Greenspan don’t read it, because if you fellers at the fountain building would read it you’d be suprised if we’d show y’all the kind of toxic waste, literarily! That is left at the Pont des Arts. It’s bad enough that the stupid trend of securing “sweethearts locks” up and down our favorite bridge by stupid fucking click–and–flash tourists, especially if you come to realize that in order for the gypsy gangs to make money on them stupid locks that they sell to y’all, they have to rotate the product just like supermarkets and fast food joints do with their perishable products, eh—and just where do Ewe fucking people think that your prescious litte memento goes? That’s right Ewe fucking sheeple: INTO THE MOTHERFUCKING SEINE, you twats…

Fuck Howard Roark and his stupid introductory smile… context follows.


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