Hey Big Kat, it’s day two at Trump hôtel… Last Weekend tonight follows

Hola Mika, today is Tuesday… y ya sabéis lo que dice el bombo de Manolo, en El Pais: ¡el martes, ni te cases ni te embarques—Maja!

Hey there, splendide… do, by all means, say hello to the msnbc moreJo gang, and if Ewe catch a glimpse of that John Oliver (fuck) tell him that like Brozo (the shady clown) that he can go fuck the Queen’s last corgi on a merry-go-round, eh!

… and now, last weekend’s page one—Right Now! Eh.


Wait for it, wait…

¡SaaaaaaaaRgento, SARMIENTO! ¿Qué porción le tocó?… this is a TimeDelayed capsule from Last Weekend Tonight, at 08 hundred hours in Central Europe Time, eh.

TimeStamp: Right Now!


Hey, there Katie Tur… ‘member (back in July of ‘71) how them Cherry Blooms from the blizzard a few weeks ago in Washington, juxtaposed our state of being? Well, sunshine; here they are, the petals all laying in front around you. }——~~~\*>…

Hola, WaPa… girl i’m just your Jeepster, eh!

Right now… George W. Bush’s father is feelin the pain that he inflicted on MILLIONS… may he suffer in peace, eh!

i can’t wait to see YOU in HELL.


The Charm Offensive, eh!

… context follows!

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