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Imagine, AMLO if when you are president and John Mill Ackerman, your Transportation and Communications Secretary, Aeroméxico goes on strike, like say, Air France right now with Jupiter in France, how in the heck are you going to arrive to your first visit to Trump Hotel in Washington, eh?… gonna ride a Chihuahuense and connect to a Greyhound in El Chuco, pues?

Blackhole Sun… for the record, little Uranus is next to The Sun King, Right now…

So who would have thunk it, eh? It’s been one year and Three CHINESE DOG Days since president-elect Maron began to morph into that big gaseous ball in the sky called Zeuscalled Jupiter. What a ride, eh?

One down four to go… Right now, los rieleros del norte de Nantes se estan preguntando y los stone temple pilots de Orly are wondering what else is ah–gonna–go, eh? }-—-~~~\*>  Uso justo de Sciences Po.

It’ll probably be an awkward moment when the Climate Change topic comes up… but right now, before the Big Kat works a double shift for the BBC —there are news to break: TORONTO.

TORONTO… context follows.

Tariffs, Syria, Michael Bloomberg’s check book, etcetera… etcetera… etcetera.

Viva la bald head! Hey purple wearing pundit at msnbc, coming up is Prince as an Irish Statement to the Vatican, eh. — Joe Pesci, love your work but in the End, Time showed you that You, ewe silly fuck can Go Fuck Yourself!, eh… anygüey Nicole, you should dial your satellite radio to the Siren freaq’s à Paris this week.

… and then there’s this whole Iran deal that little Ur-american-president–Anus is fixed on pulling out of his ass; and so, to opportunistically paraphrase Brozo the Shady Clown from last night’s post debate, that would be like a nuclear fusion Coïtus Interruptus, so! The Staff here hopes that Jupiter’s mission on this trip is more than a “bromance” with the [porn] Queen’s orangutan where all that Little Uranus wants to talk about concerns how to prepare a 4th of July Military Parade à la français.

Three days with LCI while Macron is at little Ur-american-president-Anus… context with Rachel Maddow Follows, eh!

Sir Ben Kingsley, as Costa Pasha, quote on Diplomacy, follows.


TimeStamp: NOW!

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