Debate en pancartas… “have at it!” girl.


“Vas tú — y luego tú? Brutus. }-—-~~~\*> La segunda parte del debate presidencial en México ya concluyó. El contexto giró en el tema de seguridad; AMLO notó que todos los candidatos rebotaban su tiempo para cuestionarlo, indagarlo y tacharlo por su propuesta de una “amnistía” a los criminales. El bronco aprovechó para arremeter en contra del “asistencialismo” y apoyar la militarización de las preparatorias, además de sugerir la instauración de un FBI mexicano en dónde de seguro él mismo, va a ser su primer Edgar J. Hoover, en todo su contexto… digamos que  interior, eh. •–!–• Palacio de Minería, CDMX 2018 , mismo que como todas las minas mexicanas también le pertenece al Canadá, eh.

This year there were no “ring girls” like in the 2012 edition of this same show, however AMLO and Ricardo Anaya took on the roll of being the “ring girl” for their own cause. El “Bronco” was a billboard himself

El Léxico de Polo–Polo en la voz de Jaime Rodríguez Martínez de La Garza, Cantú, Quintanilla y Quintana alias “El Bronco”. }-—-~~~\*> “… yo ya pedí perdón por decir eso, ya que lo que yo quise decir, es de que los papás les digan a sus hijas que si sueltan el pescado y se preñan de chiquillas Se–Van–A–Poner–Botijonas —o panzonas— y así, doña Denise, —ya ni su tiznada madre las va a querer… pero los medios estan traumados con lo de « las gordas » y eso fue todo lo que los reporteros oyeron, reclámele a sus colegas, Ms. Sockeye”. •—_¡_—• Uso justo de todas las parodias de la Gran Elección del 4º Cambio de Los Estados Unidos Méxicanos… de Canadá, eh.


Only margarita Zavala and Ricardo Anaya have time left, any of you wish to go first?


Go ahead, you start, you have 11 (seconds)…


Ladies go first.


In that case “I’m the decider” have at it!

Brozo’s circus panel follows.

Ladies in Gemeni, con ustedes, el primo de “el charro amarillo”: el jaripero rosado. —_¡_—   La Tertulia, Cousin Joe, took place at the very informal living room of “El Charro Amarillo,” but we [the staff] could not consume the entire transmission because frankly, nature called and we had to take a trip to the john to drop a dump.

… anyway, Mika, the Mexican debate finished some hours ago and the only thing that Brozo was shocked, concerned or otherwise disappointed by was the lack of spice, particularly on the delivery of each of the candidate’s responses. Por ejemplo, Mika, to put that clown’s anxiety into perspective he compared the debate to one of those Rule 34 porn parody movie trailers that would have Ewe, either scolding poor Willie Geist for merely uttering the word porn, or have Ewe running out of your fiancée’s Morning set in shame like the time that Ewe asked Willie what a “furries” convention was all about, and he went ahead and described those “ceremonies” to Ewe, in detail.

Anygüey, Mika, Brozo compared the 1st Mexican presidential debate to a porn parody movie trailer because the standard on those trailers [we, the staff have been told] is that the actors and actresses never ever —de los nevers— arrive, or rather, deliver the part where the coitus (Brozo’s word and feelings, not ours) actually happens.

A case of involuntary whiplash

We [the staff] don’t know if the SciencesPolita* in the panel, Emilio Lezema, caught Sabina Berman’s whiplash when Brozo complained, in the international playwrite’s direction, que no huboNi tornillo, ni tuerca,” which given Bermans taste for a certain kind of humor that goes beyond the limits of language and, her emphasis on breaking sexual barriers, her reaction kind of made us [the staff] chuckle a bit.

Lo que Mexico necesita es encontrar a alguien con unos nuts d’este tamaño, neta que sí.

*Sciences Po alumni, Emilio Lozola.

Right now in Central Europe Time it’s 13h34, and over on the other side of the Western World,  Mexican’s are starting to get out of bed, others are about to go to Sleep (y en el Bar “El 33” someone is about to get una “Cruz de  Navajas”)… anygüey, today all of the news outlets, the news bloggers, the news junkies —all— are going to be playing Tuesday morning Mariscal de Champ telling Ewe, the sheeple who won, who lost —and who’s zooming who. Right Now, from our line of sight and sound we are shifting gears to a new day and on the next entry we’ll tell you who won… Ah, fuck it: The Indigenous Woman from Los Zapatistas, “Mary Chuy” WON! Stick around and we [the staff of this most inconsecuential blog] will tell you why.

The Sun’s relation to last night’s debate… notice Uranus in order to weigh in on the scope and the magnitude of “The Bigger Plan”, eh. Fair Use of iCandi Apps.©️ and ©️NightSky®️… can you dig a “Bad Moon Rising”?

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