Palitos chinos and The New American Century… and Zappa, just had the Twins

The Project for The New American Century, part 2 (Colin Powell, a well spoken liar and war criminal, too).

TimeStamp: Pearl Harbor Time in a New American Century, —Front.

Ladiessssss In GEMENI!

Welcome to the Pacific Command Theater of Operations for a multilateral show of force between The East End Boys and The West side pot–au-feu Melting Story.

Mikado for a New Century…  C’est Normal! }-—-~~~\*> Lo de arriba es un uso justo de PARS and NewsWeekMediaGroup, because as You (Mika , Ian, Mark BRZEZINSKI, and of course “the” newest member of your clan, the one and only Cousin Joe Scarborogh) now know, it was Donald Rumsfeld who began the adulteration and the perversion of Sun Tze’s “Art of War” back when he was National Security Adviser to the Ford, administration.

Fighting out of the Red Corner with a Sagasse orientale in the Art of War with a consistent record of strategic comebacks and riding on a fierce fire breathing Dragon, is The Peoples Republic of China.

Chez and Home no hacen un Hogar… how do Ewe say Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in French… IndoChina, mon ami. IndoChina.

In the Blue Corner, fighting out of the school of Manifest Destiny and landing on a pale Lockheed AC-130 “Hercules” Ghostrider, is The New Kid on The Block with a Record of 119 wins and 21 loses (including “THE WAR ON DRUGS”) and/or “other” assorted stalemates; and One draw: The United States of America.

You’ve heard of “The Rumble in The Jungle”, “Da Thrilla in Manila”, but have you got your bones ready for the “Asian Riviera Flashpoint”,  Larry Merchant is at ringside to narrate the contest and the Lyrids will be showering with meteors both corners in this bout as they serve as forward observers and referees for this intercontinental show of force.

“Strictly Commercial…”

We [the staff] transfer over the controls to Larry Merchant, but not before the glitz and glamour of our RING GIRL for the night, Moon Zappa’s been tagged by the GEMENI Bro’s and left ready to hold her hands up with as many placards as might be necessary to mark each round in this bout. Yes, the staff is aware that this post [for Ms. Zappa] is nothing more than sexual explotation, but Dang Gone It, or as Bill Murray would probably put it in STRIPES: God Damn It! PRIVATE!!! These soldiers are part of the program! Eh? So fall in and carry on!

Ladies in GEMENI… Moon Zappa!

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