Hoy no hubo noticias… and in The U.S.A., Mama Lizard is laid to rest

Good evening, today is Saturday, April 21st of 2018.

We begin tonight with page 666.
Houston, Texas (South)_ The founders of a project founded specifically to destabilize the Middle East know as “The Illuminati”known as the Project for The New American Century, are mourning the death of the “Matriarch” of the Bush Clan and, personal “MILF” to “chicken hawks” in the Neo Conservatives movement everywhere.

Later on the program, La Jornada en francés, La verdadera historia of a “Shithole” country in–the–making… by the güey, FLOYD, who the Fuck is PINK? Eh!

To celebrate, the passing of “Mommy Lizard” our Galaxy will be hosting the LYRID meteor shower; if you are up for it, up to 100 meteors per hour will BOMBARD the passage between the DRACO, HERCULES, and LYRA constellations.

Dear Mika Brezezinski, en Tijuana it is still Earth Day,  but here in Central Nato Time the continent has shifter to a New Day, eh!… “If it’s Sunday”:

Jupiter rising Sur Les Jupes de una Sirena en el purple Night Sky azul. }—-— ~~~\*> Screen capture is courtesy of  Night Sky.

TimeNow: 08h45 in central Europe currency, wich should convert in Sacramento, California (Northwest) int the 23 hundred hours in Central Pacific Command time…


History of the New American Century… for beginners: https :// youtube .com /watch?time_continue=13&v=T8v5aPkkrAI

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