“No hay pedo, he won’t get far a pie”

TimeStamp: the new Latin Quarter on Siren Central Time.

… and the second rule of AA is? Actual TimeStamp: 21h00. Get–Up, now.

Drink Water and then call yo’Daddy and ask him
for a Diamond Ring, a brand new car, Caviar,
after all, it’s good to be born A Mason.”
by Julie London

Next Stop, at the movies with ad blocks and limited leg room at The Forum.

… and boy, we [the staff] hope that you take them 1000 bills from Mustachio Rivera, but sadly, let’s be honest because at the rate that the Muller investigation is going, and as that dark fellow on the Weekend Update on the SNL puts it [“Che” we believe that he goes by] does have a point when it comes to the Teflon®️ quality of Donald Trump, “if the daily McDo diet doesn’t get him,” what will?… anygüey, Guapo, what’s the status on that stupid show that we [the staff] pitched to you starting YOU, —wearing nanas dress—eh?

At the movies, en francés:

The Second Rule of AA is?…
that there is no such thing as a Second AA Rule—¡Salud!!!
And don’t Drink Da Water, because Fish like to piss and them creatures also like to Fuck in it, too.

Gracias por las flores… TimeStamp: 21h30 CET

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