“Blind, deaf and dumb”… Act i (Recycle Facilities)

… way out on the other side of the spectrum, beyond Space and where no Star shines, the only sensible identifier is, of all digital things, a constant modem screeching sound mixed with white noise on a Short Wave frequency—if the Black Hole to get there doesn’t turn your spirit inside out, this god forsaken sound will definitely split your soul into smithereens.

[The beings
… inside of the Recycling Facility they float like dried up dandelion flower heads fancifully wafting away in fields buzzing with pollenating bees and setting the scene while prompting a depletion of antihistamine supplies at the village‘s pharmacy. In this dimension, however, these beings have no senses whatsoever, they are blind, deaf and dumb, they lack the capacity to appreciate how sublime they manifest themselves to a carbon based monkey with 20/20 hindsight, because like Siri, they are the product of another carbon based civilization that thought that artificial intelligence was “good for business”, a win–Win innovation for anyone with a significant amount of quids to invest in that most innovative of technologies.


”Sowing the seeds… time to eat all your words, swallow your pride, open your Eyes

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