Doodlephism… what are the odds? Eh…

Jumping Wild Horse[s], Jack… mind you, with the weight of the world on it’s back… Sirens, they [TRS] don’t call’em Beasts of Burden fo’nothing—and of course Y’all know that this paradoodle must be read with a Hawaiian accent in the voice of Bette Midler, right?

Ain’t nothing but a thing… can you add another brick and make the fence a little higher?

Good morning, today is Monday and Spring break is over, but if you’is on Hexagone soil, Mai—Day is a month that makes Madonna blush… because it has the longest and widest Holiday set of’em all…

TimeStamp: you’ve heard of the Leningrad Cowboys, but have you heard of the Kurwa Steed Wranglers?…  AalmaDili’s “Svadba” just rolled through Fip Central Station, and people who know, claim that them fuckers kind of showed up in boots to Amelie’s Valse, with Yanm Tierse Yann Tiersen… or something like that… Oh, the Humanity. [14h09].

Corazón, just remember that behind a Queen’s CV there’s an Ottis Redding that gave you: Respect… cualquier parecido con la Satisfacción que Brian Jones le dió a Los Rolling Stones es pura Cross Frequency that triangulates the waves, eh.

La Reina y el pilar… Fair use of all media.


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