“They’re back” — Act i, part ii

Segundo año de la era
del gobernante fantoche:
Donald John Trump.

Paris, Francia_ 7 de abril.

     It’s official! And the good thing about this most inconsequential “site” is that as soon as the Department of Homeland Security secures a “data compiling contractor” whose task will be to monitor journalist and bloggers, our site will —finally—have some one or some thing that can get what the real “Sentiment” of this blog is.

Good news for our ego bar on the statistics section of our blog, Bad News for 1st Amendment junkies like Mr. Jorge Ramos, or Ms. Amy Goodman, or even those bums at The New York Times or The Beasts at the daily… or something like that… Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson, please relay to Mr. Smithy and Staff Sergeant Wallace that right now, it is a great season to be an American, “You Betcha.”

No se vaya, Weekend Edition continues and when we return, it’s Act i of a little-mini-small Fusion Fiction exchange… in the mean time, here’s another episode of The Street is My Gallery. Our next guest is a Nagual (shapeshifter).

Porte du Louvre –  Bourse du Commerce, 75001, by: Anonymous artist.   }—-~~~\*> Foto por: segoviaspixes 2018 —

…”Hey dear,” it’s 01h55 Gaspard Royant pasa por La Gambetta y hace el pase a Eusebio… remata y GOOOOOOOL!

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