They’re back! — Requested for them the “A” train from Nantes to bring’em back

“You are Wecome!” Dears.

… read on a W.C. stall:

“Life is a condition that is sexually transmitted.”

Life is a sexually transmitted condition
Anonymous quote.
edited by: Fenster.

Blind ‘Trane

and now… it’s Weekend Edition.

We begin with a little-mini-small Fusion Fiction exchange… it happened at one of the Life Re-Assignment Departments on the other side of the Time and Space black holes of La Divina Comedia.

Act i

¡Nutmeg! … Ahora tambíen con Sazón de Fishbone, a huevo que sí.

… we interrupt this post to bring you a time–delayed Breaking The News, news bulletin and we flip the page to a new day, please stand-by for the shaft… please stand-by for the SHIFT.

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