La Calculadora

Act One of a little-mini-small Fusion Fiction exchange.

TimeStamp: 12h48 in Siren Central Time

“Blues ain’t nothing but a good woman gone bad”
Marlena Shaw (The Spice of Life)…

según el “enclave” de La R.A.E.

calculadora, or

del latin calculātor, -ōris.

2. adj. Dicho de una persona: Que realiza o impulsa determinados actos para obtener un provecho. (se utiliza también como Sustantivo)

5. f. Aparato o máquina que, por un procedimiento mecánico o electrónico, resuelve cálculos matemáticos.

e.g. She used a calculator to determine how long she should remain committed to a pact, i.e.; until said woman obtained what she wanted and then like a Praying Mantis rip the head right the fuck off her partner… en este sentido, una CALCULADORA es como el ente de nuestro siguiente relato: un ente que depreda… dicho de otra puta manera, pues, la diferencia entre un salmón y una piraña, pues.

Full disclosure in the form of a rhetorical question masquerading as a Trick Question, especially formulated for you: Corazón…–

Now then, the Sirens have already established that “Your Queen is a Lizard”… or something like that, but honey-pie with a scent of clams, is your new ruler… a Real [as in a Royal] Frog?

(Setting and Historical Backgorund)

It’s “another world, far beyond the stars…”
The Misfits
“Don’t Open Till Dooms Day”
American Psycho, 1997
Geffen Records

[Historical background
Back on Planet Earth it’s the first century SCE (Supplemental Common Era),and on this post-apocalyptic calendar the running year is 96, among those “in the know” of a new establishment it was unanimously decided back in 2112 of the C.E. that the last year of the After Christ or anno Domini notation system should be reset to Zero starting from November the 8th of 2016… the new calendar was put into effect on the Spring equinox of 2112, this was done in order to honor the memory of Tom Wheeler, the patron saint of “all the things that can be connected,” the Elders committee decided to keep the meter running on the calendar count and for all intents and purposes –much like with a Third World country devalued money– zeros were shifted on a Two Millennial running-tally and the new count started on The NITETY-SIX year of our “COMMUNICATION OVERLORDS” and on a new TimeStamp notation, call it: Supplemental Common Era].

[The Means of Control: Food Control
In the Year 96 SCE there are two World Proxies that rule the world. In the Year 96 SCE the World is no longer a Blue Marble. In the Year 96 SCE the world stratosphere is wrapped in a layer of dark haze that regulates the amount of sunshine that the troposphere receives from the Sun and in turn delivers to the soil and running bodies of water.]

[The Means of Control: Body / Mind / Emotions
It only took one decade for the 5G Communication System Lobby to profit in more ways than the trillions of Euros and Dollars (U.S.) that they gained from the little inconspicuous relay boxes that decorate every corner of the Urban Landscape, every mile of Highway and By-way, every town, every village, every National Park, every inch in this new post-apocaliptic Corporate Utopia called Planet Earth.

TimeStamp: 13:08
The Breeze and i
CRASH! / Kenny Burrell
With the Brother Jack McDuff Quartet

A Big “Anti-5G” Shout Out to David Icke and his  S a t u r n  lecture!

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