Fuck it, Bill! Weekend Edition continues, but…

Hola WaPo,
this is a Time-Delayed snapshot for:
Sunday, March 18th of 2018…
If it’s Sunday,
“it’s Shower Day”.

… Memo, that’s short for William en Español —and By The Güey— Bill, if you don’t invite Sema Hernandez to your show, then it will be clear to the entire Bernie Sanders crowd that on Saint Patrick’s Eve 2018, the producers of REAL TIME with Bill Maher, stacked the cards with Clinton Cronies for the sake of defeating Ted Cruz in the next Senate race in Texas, and YES—of course, fucking of course Robert Francis* O’Rourke STACKED YOUR AUDIENCE decks with his fan base extension from EL EY, which probably consists of all of the El Chuco entourage of his former band mate Cedric–Bixler…which begs the following question based on what appears to be your Warm and Fuzzy, for a copy/pasta GrassRoots political campaign, garnished with slices of populism.

Say, Robert, how come during Mayor’s Cook tenure in the City of El Paso his personal secretary had your father in-law’s portable number at THE TOP OF HER LIST? Was he like an extension to the City Council during the take over and expropriation of Lomas de Poleo in Ciudad Juárez? Hell, Bobbie, your extension was way down the list; heck, even the contact number of the owner of Alejandros Restaurant was higer-up on the roster… Context follows, because, Bobby, i saw the list with my own eyes on that very same day that [yours truly] as a BrUTEP student, walked into the Old City Hall building to interview you… By The Güey, Robert Francis, do say HELLO to Dr.Pineda and the rest of the family… full disclosure on my part follows. Right now it’s SHOWER DAY  and “i hate ‘em…” the shower days— not the Pinedas and the Sam Donaldson crowd, as i mentioned, they are like family to me.

But first, we [the staff] have a new segment inspired by you, by Time, and of course, by Space, which we’d like to call:

Vocablo es cortesía del CNES (75001) y del Festival des Imaginaires Spatiaux: Sidération.

Say Bill, you are old enough to speculate on the following:

… talent aside, do you think that Sid Vicious parents afforded that Particular PUNK his rebellious lifestyle, i mean, throughout my transnational youth i listened to Social Distortion, and as an adult i once had the opportunity to interview Mike Ness, in El Paso (of all places) and i can tell you —Bill— that Robert Francis (in his youth) was no Mike Ness, he was just a BoBo punk.

Straight from the gutter and the underground, this has been:

Three Billboards for “Beto” O’Rourke…another segment of Cross Media Tangents from Somewhere deep inside of the Parisian Underground. }—-~~~\*> Foto por segoviaspixes / armando segovia 2018.

…TimeStamp for All the Johnny’s:

It’s 17h00 in a Central Europe with a neighboring Brand Spanking New Neighbor turned Tsar.

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