Previously, on asegovia3… LAS COORDENADAS

… we [the staff] interrupt this program to bring you yet another reason why Mark Zuck-whatever-his–Fucking-name-is should go straight to fucking hell… where the staff, will be waiting for him.

TimeStamp: The day that Liberty Guided The People

Dear, facebook… apparently you were fed powdered milk when you were babies. We The People, we really—really—really understand your touchiness, but “don’t have a cow, man”, have a fucking cigar… or a beer and enjoy the show.  After all you helped the Atlantic “stage” the following cover. }—~~~\*>  Musée National Eugène Delacroix (75006) en el fondo, Instituto Católico de París, “you think I give a shit if you’re a socialist if you are a capitalist?”… foto por armando Segovia / segoviaspixes 2018 — CopyLeft and Vote IRASEMA HERNANDEZ in TEXAS… fuck BETO and his Father in-Law.


[Voz de hembra
Laughter’s mom as Miss March]

previously on asegovia3

i wonder what would happen if Old Glory was to visit Paraguay, would the Stripes have to wave without its Stars?

1 de marzo – – – Time-delayed entry.

Chuck Todd, at Meet The Press… “if it’s Sunday”, thought that “the” NBC Studios was inside of a Republic… oh, the humanity. }—-~~~\*> USO JUSTO DE LOS DOS LADOS DEL CHARCO mejor conocido como The Atlantic.

New Boobs follow:

“Ewe cow!”


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