The Tam Tam Princesse Advertisement Campaign – Draft for Act iii

7 de febrero, 2017
Sabbatical Day N°34
French Theory, with Colin Jost

[Man’s voice
Jeff Goldblum reads a scrolled text that reads like a news ticker.]


This is not a joke.
The following entry is intended for mature audiences.
The Surgeon General of The United States of America discourages those that are still on « The Blue Pill » regime, from even taking a glimpse at this entry, let alone continue reading this most inconsequential blog.

The Surgeon General also wishes to apologize to speciesists everywhere for using certain species as a crutch in this particular entry in order to arrive at the necessary metaphores that describe one of humankind’s most primal needs (next to warfighting), and which is the need to basically Fuck Like Animals.

The exception to the Rapes...

Freeze-Frame the issues and Dare to Think Outside the Text… y para Variar, this frame is a Fair Use of All Media. }–~\*> Coming up next on the Tam Tam Princesse Advertisement Campaign: The deconstruction of Dr. Fish’s chaos follows.


Anygüey, i am going to give the Drunk History folks the benefit of the doubt (you are welcome, Derek) for their rather « timely » episode on the heels of what seems to be another asterisk on the Women’s Liberation Mouvement (at least in the free world) from the grips of a world run by pigs that are shaped like men… or something like that. I mean, the logistics of planning a season worth of entertainment probably exempts Drunk History from jumping on the bandwagon of Uma Thurman’s angst. I mean, when the world sees the case of a motherfucking tortilla chip enterprise inventing the « need » for a friendlier version of millinery snack you know that we, as a species, are being taken for suckers by marketing brands and the people who run them. What’s next? A friendlier and less messy Chile for your Aguacate and Sour Cream loaded Chilindrinas?


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