The Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign – Lise Charmel reprise

8 de febrero, 2018
Sabbatical Day N° 35
French Theory part Deux

Go – Go – Go _ Johnny Be Good.

Twice a day, even a broken clock is right on schedule… this entry must be read in a Brian Williams voice at both the 11th Hour in the EST zone and at the 2300 hrs. in CET coordinates.

El Universo de un Paísvisto desde el MicroCosmos de París. Context Continues To Follow… }-~\*> Uso justo de Todos los Medios.

Everyone, even the Devil himself [1] is entitled to his own regressions, provided of course that Morning Star would want to bend the knee and pray to The Superstar —in the First Place— and so in the context of the Mexican Election of 2018, here’s a Daisy Chain for John Mill Ackerman, Russian  journalist  political pundit extraordinaire who never reads this blog, for starters, the staff left instructions to invoke Godwin’s Law just in case anyone tries to twist this particular cross reference puzzle into something that it is not, because tonight we begin with a Nazi mantra, which claimed that if you repeat a rumor or a lie –long enough– that the lie, or the rumor would eventually become a fact… or something like that. }-~\*> Por ejemplo (Raquelito) if tenured Law professor, John Mill Ackerman continues to say that he is a journalist, a large percentage of people who see him on Russian television, or who read his opinion columns on the Mexican Left-of-Center print pages, are going to end up believing that Dr. Ackerman es un periodista… he is not. Professor Ackerman is a political pundit [and like the Anne Coulter of the U.S. Extreme Right, Ackerman is a populist one], and although he might deny it, he is also a bullhorn for the Andrés Manuel López Obrador campaign, just ask his wife, she’s on the ticket of that same party to head the Función Publica Bureau, which happens to translate into a sort of internal affairs regulator for public officials; on another entry (si nos dejan), we intend to cover doña Sandoval and her brother, along with Johnny’s parents and their institutional liberal ties, in the true sense of the word, and not the FOXNews interpretation of that ideological viewpoint [2]; for now we’ll leave it at that. }-~~\*> Anygüey, Dr. Ackerman, it’s a good thing that you don’t read this most inconsequential blog, because if you did; the staff would surely ask if you recall the many occasions when the staff, tried to get an interview with you in order to get some insight on the Mexican political landscape of 2014/2015. From our recolection, you always tap-danced your way out of a formal inquiry and played the Fifth (no contest) like Beethoven played a song Für eLISE (Charmel). }-~~~\*> As the opinionated desk commentator that you really are, the staff cannot understand why a guy like you is not a fan of a thing called legwork in the realm of shoe leather reportingour guess is that, that is what PhD candidates and university students are for, they go out and get the talking points for intellectual pimps like you. }-~~~~\*> Now to keep things professional, and as a side of comparison to contrast your style of political transparency and most importantly, of engagement, your ex political party co-legionaire, Víctor Quintana Silveyra, now the consigliere of Chihuahua governor, Javier Corral, won’t let me lie – because he can’t! You see, Johnny, before Dr. Quintana switched political parties, and regressed to the Right-Wing party (Partido Acción Nacional) from the Left-Wingers of the Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (MORENA) he had the professional and ethical courtesy of allowing the editor of this most inconsequential blog, to:

1) Sit in

2) Listen

3) Participate

4) Challenge him

during two of his semester courses at a Sorbonne annex, the very same annex where you proselytised to students about the only presidential choice for Mexico during the next election… true, El Priato is one of the most corrupt entities on the planet, but then again when asked if you were going to protest/and or manifest against the “cinito mexicano” courtesy of EPN for the French, to give Mexico as Jorge Ramos, wrote, “a better image,”… or something like that, you Sir, remained at ease, like a soldier on leave that you never were. Kind of like your President of the UNITED STATES, or have you renounced to your “American Citzenship”?

… Context Continues to follow… ibid.

Full Disclosure disfrazado de una Digresión :
back in 2011, when the staff of this most inconsequential blog first landed at « the CDG Airport », they were all for having the first Socialist president since President L
ázaro Cárdenas del Río; today in 2018, we are not too sure. The reason, because MORENA, like an evangelical church has tuned into the party of Born Again politicians; not to mention his allegiance with the ultra conservative political party, called Encuentro Social… y por si faltará menos, por la pusilinamidad [como el Senado francés] de tomar una posición concreta sobre la despenalización y regularización de La Cannabis para consumo del personal, in addition, por lo que dice la captura del GIS Report sobre la voluntad de « erradicar desde la raíz» el Nepotismo Institucionalizado adentro de la NOMENCLATURA de MORENA.

Truth be told, Dr. Ackerman, the staff didn’t blame you (in the begining) for the shade given to our former colleague, Armando Serrano Prieto, when he made the first requests to interview you, but rather, he knew all along that the dirty rumors about Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto were really the sow of discord of LA OBRA del ESPÍRITU SANTO… perdón, “la” OBRA de la mini-nomenclatura of the local MORENA-FRANCIA chapter, the fellows over at the Gilberto Bosques Association – PARIS, and of course the their starchy cousins on the Left known as the amalgam of El Frente Amplio (de Izquierda) Mexicano.

Their opaque attitude towards transparency and open dialog and debate is perfectly aligned with the disciples of Antoine de Mouchy, a theologian of the XVI Century who according to DirectMatinNews [3] was the head asshole (with TENURE) and chief inquisitor in charge at La Sorbonne during the Religion Wars against the protestants. Mouchy had a vast network of sycophants and spies that he used to track, sniff and root out the celestial opposition. That’s why today in France, people who conspire against a critic are called “mouchards”. Ain’t That right Talía and Pablo of the “cinito mexicano circuit”… ¿o a poco no Francisco, en Monterrey?

The Misfits y los hijos del Quinto Patio. Un Film de puros borrachos hablando de la Historia… o algo así. }–~~~\-*> Uso justo del Fiend Club… “We’re Out of Pizza, We’re Out of Pizza — Not You, Not You; it’s just Evil all of the Time!

[Man’s voice
Jeff Goldblum gives an update on the Penelope Cruz acquisition for the Tam Tam Princesse Advertisement Campaign role, of the CARYATID]

— Hey, Good news from the Talent Agency that handles the contracts for Penelope Cruz, we’ve got a reply, Penelope accepted the role, however, due to scheduling conflicts she wont be able to make it into the production schedule, so instead she offered to furnish us with ÉNVELOPÉE CRUISE, a Tijuana Donkey Show Travesti entertainer who got her shot at fame inside the dives of La Avenida Revolución. ÉNVELOPÉE got her first gig at the old ÉSCAPÉ Club where S\He was the head attraction presenting the strip show. Mrs. Cruz, will be doing the voice overs using VoIP and her own iPhoneX.

Las Fuentes:

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