El Chavo, little Socorro —y el coco…

Anuncia Hollande el regreso de Año de México en Francia… Milenio diario; c. 2014.

Context and sources of mashup follows…

Context Follows…. TimeStamp: 23h55 07h00 …


ISSY.. pero sobre todas las cosas, haciendo referencia al ganador del Gran Premio de Humor Político para el 2017; allá en Los Altos del Sena —en les-Moulineux, casi esquina con el culo de Technicolor® (92130)— “Le Mec du 2015” is a Fair Use of “El Chavo del Ocho” and former French President, François Hollande.

Full disclousure

Our interpretation of the ear flapped hunters hat and the signature stripes t-shirt, —all decked— with a set of suspenders over his left shoulder is courtesy of Vanessa Arendt, at DiviantArt; while the mug of Mr. Holland, however, that sketch arrives courtesy of some guy –dit– Lascar, —and MediaPart.

Anygüeys, the combined rendition of Chespirito’s most memorable street urchin is a freehand mashup from the pen of SegoArma, our own nomad signwriter/painter, and well-rounded Rotulista Extraordinaire–at-large.

The context that makes SegoArma’s free-hand version of the “Holland/El Chavo del Ocho” mashup a Fair Use Of All Media, is a proposition that is loaded with the properties of Apophenia [or, the human ability to correlate both images and shapes, with data and/or information] in order to interpret or tie loose ends; and, in this particular case, as yet another reference to (a) Florence Cassez Affair, (b) the Peña Nieto [State Invitation] visit to La Place de La Concorde on Bastille Day 2015, (c) “The Year of Mexico in France,” which of course if you never read this blog, followed the next year in 2016 in the form of cultural events, which (d) celebrated the economic and strategic accords signed in 2013 between Los Pinos y El Eliseo… ceremonial circle jerks (e) at the National level of both countries [that’s our take] designed to whitewash the ever-growing numbers of murdered journalists, students, young brown skin women, and regular citizens that get in the way of a turf war for control and power, which we [the staff] would argue (F) that goes beyond the “Kate del Castillo” and “Sean Penn” Rolling Stone® Extravaganza…

Digresion for the sake of the Environment

Dear, non-reader: ask yourself, the following two questions: do I really need to have this last reference about doña Kate annotated at the end of this entry?”… Do I need to waste extra lines of typed fonts on a sheet of paper?

Fuck no, you don’t! You don’t need that reference noted once again because it would be a waste of ink and paper, and besides (Kid) that particular reference already exists in the form of a Next Generation Netflix telenovela, which —as everbody knows— caused the death of Mr. Eric del Castillo (pobre don Eric, como sufrió). Viva México.

… still to come: fritangas on the go, and the Michelin Guide; time to get new soles for them “Old Brown Shoes”.

Print Worthy Sources:

— Page 8/13 (France/Cinema) is courtesy of CNEWS Matin, via: http://kiosque.cnewsmatin.fr/Kiosque.aspx?edition=NEP&date=20171129





El apoyo ciego

— https://asegovia3.com/2014/11/22/22-de-nov/


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