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Double “D”… The Original Dare Devil

In light of recent SubPop news, the staff decided —this year— to dress this little inconsequential blog as Soundgarden. —_—.  Photo by Staff, decorations are courtesy of McDo France; 3ème Sous-Sol, Rue de l’Arc-en-ciel; 75001 Paris.

Good evening, it’s 21:00 hours in Central Europe Time. Right now, in Paris, Halloween is gaining new ground. Business models everywhere decorate their storefronts into “horror houses” and employees at different venues get to explore their creative side by buying into the frenzy of turning their outer shells into a Mexican Catrina, a pirate, a Hollywood FX ghoul, a zombi, a witch, a monster, or even a character in on the list of films of Quentin Tarantino (that fucken guy is the new Jerry Lewis for the French) … my favorite, however, was a little boy [or girl on the street; i couldn’t tell] donning a red cape and a crown —face painted in red— and a little red bag in one hand; hey wadda’ya know, a little red boy—or girl— no horns at plain sight, but i bet a little devil is inside none the less. It was a quarter to 10 (on the a.m) and i was running late to the weekly appointment with my Colombian Shrink… al término de la sesión, ya caminando por una calle del Barrio Latino en una mesa banquetera d’esas que hay en los Café, (y casi Esquina con la calle de Las Tres Puertas) divisé a una colaboradora de La Jornadaella iba disfrazada con su gorrito de Frank Sinatra… Saludos doña Vilma, Saludos y Trick-or-Treat.

5 de octubre

1713 — Nace Denis Diderot, escritor y principal impulsor de la Enciclopedia.

6 de octubre

1750 — Diderot redacta un Prospectus en dónde anuncia la Enciclopedia. Eight months later on June the 28th of 1751, Volume ONE and a Preliminary Discourse, written by Jean le Rond d’Alembert*, was about to put “en jaque” a Le Ancienne Régime, en Versalles; a La Academia, en La Sorbonne; and even the mighty mighty Pope —at The Vatican.

Now, in order to relay (maybe) or in order to better put into perspective, Diderot’s Encyclopedia, and its accompanying Preliminary Discourse, i guess i’d take the route of recent millenial events, for you to see, because it was pretty much in tune as that one time when NAPSTER put Lars Ulrich** “on check,” at the turn of the 21st Century, while acheving at the same time, to make the legendary Metal drummer-god look like a little Jesuit bitch —on behalf— of the record industry.

* …a mathematician.
** Percussionist and founding member of a Metal juggernaut enterprise called Metallica.

Of course, and in the beginning, the encyclopedia that would get the wheels rolling into a new thing called “The Enlightenment,” didn’t really start that way. The original task was a commission to rehash what had already been written, but by the time Diderot got on board, that little publishing racket would take on a new form.

… Context follows. The staff is a-gonna-look for Candy.

Con información (básica) de El Siglo de Torreón y otras fuentes por los InterWebs.

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Double “C”… R.I.P.

https ://m .youtube .com /watch?v=EucsKOkPX1s

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