Après les traces de Diderot 9éme entrée

Con voz en este capítulo

Goooooooood Moooooorning, President Woody “Baines” Harrelson, did you know that it was actually the French who invented Vietnam, but most important, Cousin Joe, are you aware that an insecure Corsican invented the idea of honoring your fallen soldiers? It’s true… of course, Willie Geist, como tú bien sabes, a fucking Military Academy Toy Soldier, like that ‘NAM skipper: Donald John Trump, will never fully appreciate the sacrifices made by fallen warriors for two reasons, the first is because if Donald Trump had been a soldier, he would have been too preoccupied with not getting his uniform dirty; and two, BECAUSE HIS DADDY [Fred] bought everything for him with the fortune that he made by $hort-changing Uncle Sam’s war veterans out of their housing awards.

A lo mejor Tommie Smith y John Carlos en su momento de gloria no lo sabían —o igual no se dieron cuenta— pero en un día como hoy —pero de 1968— ambos con ese puño en alto en protesta por la ausencia de legislación en favor de las garantías civiles [principalmente para los negros] en el Sur de los Estados Unidos Americanos, también representó un puño en alto a la masacre perpetrada por el entonces presidente de México, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz y su secretario, Luis Echeverría Àlvarez, 15 días antes, en La Plaza de Las Tres Culturas.

… TimeStamp: 1800 hrs. CET

Hey there, “Chief”… It’s <<military protocol>> if that was to be the case. Didn’t you learn that during your “tour of duty” in the ‘NAM era, while you played Toy Soldier in that private military academy.

Later at the movies:

Rob and Woody take a shot at portraying the events that lead two olympic athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, to rise their clenched fist up in the air, while solemnly dropping their chins to their chest, while the Star Spangled Banner played at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

* Earlier in the day:

Según el presidente de los Estados Unidos, es un error notificar a las familias de soldados caídos en combate; OF COURSE, mr. Toy Soldier himself is once again confusing his Procter & Gamble battleship strategy “experience,” and actual military protocol. Hey, Donald, here’s a rule of thumb to go by, if the troops fall while engaging in an illegal war, like the one that the “Old Gipper” was fond of, perhaps you should keep it hush-hush, but if the mission is legitimate under the Geneva Convention doctrine, then you, as Commander-in-Cheif should at least show some fucking respect and learn how to properly present a triangulated flag.

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