“… for it is a Human number” — You wouldn’t understand…

Section 5 — Book Review (page III).

En estos momentos, El Embajador de la lucha libre mexicana, “El Mil Mascaras”, se transporta hasta el WWF del pancracio de Rick Flair.

SWEETIE… You, me, and The Devil Makes Three. —_—  “I am tired of the debates of whether the Republican Party is going to be the “Conservative Party” or the “Liberal Party”; I’m just tired of being: the stupid party“, said Nicole Wallace, according to my Cousin Joe, in reference to a July 2017 interview of Alabama’s Republican candidate to the U.S. Senate, Roy Moore, who revealed that he had NO CLUE, or NO IDEA of what the DACA PROGRAM was all about, nor who the DREAMERS were [1]. ~_~ LICHA AGUILAR’S front cover is courtesy of Hugh Hefner (R.I.P).

Welcome, it’s our 666th edition and in tonight’s content, Semiotics meets Latin American Literature and Social Science via a gentleman’s magazine y la colaboración de un perucho que un día en las pantallas de la televisión mexicana del PRI, puso a temblar las campanas de los pantalones de don Octavio Paz —one-each— en una emisión de Televisa; [KEY WORD: La Dictadura Perfecta] and for this reason, tonight the heavens are going to put out a Centerfold Edition in honor of the man who put bunny ears on on the hottest tails on earth. Dear, Sir, thank you for Elizabeth Aguilar… And that’s all that i’m going to jerk… excuse me, that is all that i’am going to say…

<< En noviembre, saldremos del Estado de derecho, … perdón, saldremos del estado d’Urgencia.>> —_— Credits and context follows… Uso justo de Le Point en France.

En un abrir y cerrar de reformas regresamos… Por mientras, it’s a four-day Weekend Edition, [the staff] is celebrating the 666th posting on this blog… Saludos a “las cronicas del otro mundo”, a “Romina Colli”, a “Rosaluma”, a “Mpaulinact”, a MARÍA (Q.E.P.D), a “papi chulo… Ese Pinche Shiflillo”, a “Jesús Pascual Aragonenses”, a “Michael Ehrhardt”, al “Dr. Joseph Suglia”, y a el resto de los otros “tres lectores” que no nos leen; gracias por sus pinches “likes”.

… If the image on this frame reminds you of Baphomet; you might be a candidate for Apopheniac. Apopheniac is a prescription drug engineered to ease your deepest nightmares about the end of the world; if you suffer from christian talk radio sindrome ASK MARIO VARGAS LLOSA about Apopheniac. Side effects of Apopheniac includes a sudden loss of urgency to keep a close personal relationship with you automatic rifle, and complete disgust for the word ‘Mega’, especially in front of a super market, or a fucking church… Talk to your doctor about Apopheniac —_— Uso justo de Libération en France.

… regresamos con Pink Martini:

Ladies and gentlemen… Pink Martini; bonus track: “All Hail”, by the Santa Cruz trio: “The Devil Makes Three.

All Hail: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4aRuN0DY41s

1. http://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe/watch/gop-still-coming-to-grips-with-moore-s-win-in-alabama-1056870467847

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