El VoBo del INE*

Tuesday, August 29th of 2007.
Square Federico García Lorca;
La Seine, Rive Droite,

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6ЯOOVΞ… Rue de Richelieu, casi esquina con Molière; 75001. —_—  Street talent yet to be located and contacted for an interview, in any case, it was our forward observation editor-at-large, Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo who first spotted this artist’s doodles around metro stops on Line 3, vicinity Levallois. We [the staff] are not certain what this urban artist’s name is, or what s/he might go by, but given his or her Single-Stroke-Signature, which commands attention to the eyes of the silohuetted faces on the wall, we reckon that it must be a pretty groovy kind of name. —_— Grafitti artist name unavailable; photo by armando segovia / segoviaspixes. Creative Commons Int’l License 3.0. (Share-Alike, Not-for-Profit, Attribution)

* VoBo: Visto Bueno; literally “good sighting” and it is the equivalent of a “check mark” on an item to note that a particular person or office has seen or read any given document. It’s an acronym or set of abbreviated initials used on official Spanish language documents and/or memoranda.

Lo dicho, o más bien lo escrito ayer, el golpe chusco de “El Reformista” don Calderón en su cartón dominical del pasado fin de semana no es otra cosa que puro Monkey Business… By the Güey (cabrones) this is just another take on the Fair Use Of Media; para el análisis de ayer (a second look).

Por ejemplo (Raquelito), in the example above, El Universal reports that the Instituto Federal Electoral (or federal elections institute, for its Spanish language initials) has given the Mexican Attorney General a Visto-Bueno or VoBo to the accusations that he (the Attorney General) engaged in “legitimate wrongdoing” as Rachel Maddow often says when public officials take advantage of their public office in order to make some kind of political or personal financial gain; in this particular case, El INE went ahead and stamped a VoBo to the complaints (obviously) filled by the opposition, since Mr. Osorio Chong is of course part of the Mexican presidential cabinet, and part of the ruling class that is forcasted to run for office in the next Mexican presidential race of 2018.

Fragmento de la nota de Carina García, en El Universal (de México)… Ibid.

And that (amigo Kiko) is all that El INE, under the direction of elñoño” de Lorenzo de Córdova, did. In other words (hold my hand and fly me to the moon) there’s nothing to see here; carry on; move it along

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