Ozzy deserves restitution — part II

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The good thing about this blog, Cousin Joe, is that Rachel Maddow does not read it— or follow.

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Full disclosure:

Before we continue with yesterday’s & today’s theme about the symbols of intolerance and the masses that love’em, we [the staff] would like to set something straight, so for the record —we reckon— that we [the staff] could only hope to ever match a single shooting runaway drop, from one of Mr. Kris Kristofferson’s ‘working man’ forehead sweat in that long span of his accomplishments in this place called Earth.

Fragmento de ilustración, cortesía del reformista y _puritanamente pulcro_ don Calderón en las entradas del monoaureo [punto] com… pero sí, don Calderón, tiene usted la razón; con la excepción de Catherine Bach y sus “Daisy Dukes”, el lambiscón de Roscoe P. Coltrane y su patrón, el tirano “Jefferson Davis —Boss— Hoggs”, fuerón una vergüenza para la antaña barra de “bodríos” en la programación del Canal Cinco.

Pero hablando de diablos, don Calderón

Waylon Jennings tenía la razón cuando afirmaba en aquella interpretación de B.J. Mckay  B.J. Shaver, ¿la recuerda?

“Ain’t no God in Mexico”

… ¿o a poco no? Y a lo mejor, don Calderón, presentimos que no lo ha habido désde antés, mucho más antés de la época de aquellas crudas realidades de López de Santa Ana. Aunque a lo mejor para eso será preciso preguntarle a un experto, ¿cómo ve áste, Profe. Salmerón Sanguinés? Hay Tata dios en México?

Fragmento de Una Semana que Philippe Labró —for illustrations purposes: fair use of all media.— Context follows.

And so, to recap, this entry is not to ‘piss’ or diss on Mr. Kristofferson’s legacy as an American Original, nor to put you Rachel: on the spot. Last week the pressing issue on the news feeds was the toppling, removal or, as it was the case in Alabama, just plain protecting the legacy of hate and segregation against future hurricanes by shielding them fucking statues from public view.

Anygüeys, in this our solitary corner, we are simply sending a signal and wanting to know how you [on TRMS] feel about the standing statue of one Cecil John Rhodes*, way down yonder at Oriel College, in a place called Cambridge. That’s all. It’s a simple question, should the statue of C.J. Rhodes keep standing? Or, should his legacy [and his] fellowship money be reconsidered?

* Trivia time:

Can you guess the Hollywood Classic where the following Cecil j. Rhodes recommendations are evoked on a scene where the local government discuss the matters of how to deal with the natives?

They are to be treated as a child and denied the franchise

If you guessed Mel Brooks classic, Blazing Saddles, you might be eligible to apply for a Randi Rhodes Schoarship at Air America Headquarters, for more detais please write to Sen. Al Franken in Winsconsin, with the key code: Hey, Senator: Hurry up and get Donald out of Office.

Trivia context may be found on this opinion page, For info on Blazzing Saddles, you’ll habe to go, and/or bypass ‘them’ Warner Bros. —_— Fair use of “La Ficha Amarilla”, Aljazeera.

Al regresar: La razón por la que OZZY merece una restitución de la penitencïa que él tuvo que pagar por tirar el agua, en un monumento de pro esclavistas.

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