The Big Kat’s deconstruction

Dear, Donald,

The following is an —Intermission— from the restof” Le Monde:

Sketch cortesia del mundo de los moneros de Le Monde, fragmento de la Primera Plana de la edición del juéves 17 de agosto del 2017, cortesía del cotidiano francés (aún de vacaciones) Le Monde… i’m telling you Cousin Joe: they are just calling’em in.

Earlier in the crowdsource, Katty Kay (international news kitten extraordinaire) gave Cousin Joe a rather grim outlook on how Europe, and the rest of the developed world, views the current State-of-Affairs “of” the Donald Trump administration at the White House. The sketch above, shows exactly what real Republics think, or believe, that is ah-going-on in the USA Today: Donald Trump has 2 right hands, one for his stupid base, [according to his strategist * Steve Bannon] and another for his fans at the KKK… and of course, one very Stupid Face; in par with Mussolini’s pout **.

Segmento Katty Kay cortesia de mi Primo Pepe en msnbc y el mundo de los Weekend Updates de SNL, la captura de Katty, es de la edición de Morning Joe del 17 de agosto del 2017. —_— Uso justo de todos los medios.

* Dear, editors. The followng is a Time-Delayed update, DateLine right now is Saturday, August 19; and the The Bells at Notre Dame de Paris toll the 1500 hrs. TimeStamp.

Changes in the political theater at the White House, —and at Trump Tower— plunged at the speed of a Six–Flags rollercoaster (Montaña Rusa, en Espagnol) twice in less than 48 hrs significant changes happenned in the  mere timelapse it took yours truely, a few ZZZ’s to catch.

By the time the we tuned in to listen to doña Raquel at TRMS, Steve Bannon had been baned from the White House Cabinet. He is now a regular civilian, and as of yesterday the ex chief White House strategist.

**dear Millenials, a “pout” is the 1930’s version of your fucking facebok duckface.

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