“… make of War an Organized Crime.”

Saint Mustaine sang it
shred it best

Good morning, it’s Friday August the 18th of 2017 y Barcelona amaneció de luto.

El show de los Lannisters… Sketch context for “the” Red Tubes follow.

En los Estados Unidos “de” America, Jaime Lannister… perdón Eric Prince, the founder of the Corporate Mercenary Enterprise called “Blackwater“, [or Agua de Drenaje, por su significado en Espagnol] is outed out for doing back-door deals with Putin’s Russia; concurrent with that contingency Mr. Lannistershit, sorry-bout-that Mr. Prince. We meant to type that while your shady business practices are being exposed all over the developed world,  it’s also been reported (and CrowdSourced) that you are also doing the rounds around Camp David and Trump Tower in order to pitch the idea of letting YOUR company, “Blackwater”, [Agua de Caca, por su conotación en Espagnol] privately handle the Afghan conflict.

Is it true Mr. Prince, that “if” the $10 Billon (U.S.) is accepted by the Trump administration, we can expect West Point graduates to be taking on the role of High Security Bell Hops and High Caliber Concierges for the corporate killers that will be running the War Business in Mother Russia’s backyard.

Follow-up question Jaime… I mean Eric: if “Blackwater” does seal the deal, would this mean that Non-Commisioned Officers can be expected to run KP duty* and Enlisted personnel will take on the janitorial and landscaping needs (in the battlefields) of the new Warlords?

* Kitchen Duty or “pela papas” en Castellano.

context continues to develop. stick around.



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