“Dear” Los Angeles Times…

Wednesday, August 2nd 2017
Passage de la Canopée
Niveau 0 — Le Forum Les Halles
TimeStamp: 1500 hrs… CET

Belle de Jour (1967) and Direct Matin (April 14th, 2015*) …Context follows: Sarkozy’s Republicans were still under the banner of the UMP, and CNEWS front cover banner was called Direct Matin.

Hindsight, some [in the staff] might say, is a rearview mirror that serves as an instant replay to deconstruct that bug experience that you might have had, as you encountered, —face first— a speeding windshield.

Ladies and Gent’s…  today’s Le Parisiene (front cover):

¿Podrá aguantar hasta el final?. Sepa la verg…. lo único que se puede esperar es de que para que el Orangina Man pueda continuar en el poder, ToDo su equipo seguirá rompiendo la Ley… Why? You ask: par-ce-que!!!

Niveau –3 (Berger)… at the Forum… TimeStamp: 0300 hours, CET.

… given the scope of the Olympic Commitee’s announcement; this one is dedicated to the L.A. Times Editorial Board: FUCK YOU, and your “objective reporting,” save-facing “EMERGING DETAILS” about how the City of Angels just could not compete for the 2024 Summer Olympics against the City of Lights, be honest. Below are just three alternative causes that are closest to home, as to explaining your “face-saving” Olympic reporting and the reasons why Mme. Hidalgo (the Parisian mayor) now has a legacy under her belt…

  1. The LACK of efficient ease of PUBLIC Transportation.
  2. The Shoot first— ask questions later Law Enforcement (red-neck / good ol’boys) tactics.
  3. And of course, Donald Trump’s idiotic Customs and Immigration populist approach to National Security.

CONTEXT FOLLOWS. In the mean-time know that your scoop, was 24hrs behind our [pictographic] Olympic Awareness Intervention.

Support and references:

*  April 14, 2015… flashback a una mañana directa, de la Casa de Canal (Plus)

What are the odds that during the staff’s “free style hoboing” live training exercise —they— would come across a two-year old news peddling archive, announcing that Paris, was officially in the race for the Olympics in 2024, eh? —_— Foto de fondo es del poster de un film de Luis Buñuel; Belle de Jour, which happens to be the story of woman, who got her kicks by transforming into a sadomasochistic prostitute during ‘regular working hours’ (or something like that) and once the early evening hours began to set, she’d return to the arms of his loving life partner (or some civil arrangement like that)… So what are the odds, dear friends, that we [the staff] would find such headlines on the (re) opening day of one of our favorite Buñuel’s classics? For all of its synchronicity; life is certainly stranger than fiction.

** Rétospective: Luis Buñel. Vía: Las pantallas de París:  http ://www .lesecransdeparis .fr /portail /article /25287/retrospective-luis-bunuel

Context will continue to develop. Check your local Canal+ listings.

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